Tips to learn Spanish verbs

Tips to learn Spanish verbs

Tips to learn Spanish verbs

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¡Hola chicos! How are you? How is your Spanish language learning process? Been driven mad by Spanish verbs yet? Do you wonder why Spanish verbs are so hard? I think I know what it is all about. Everything looks so nice the first Spanish lessons. You learn funny words, to say hello, professions, colors, fruits, food, body parts… but when you advance a little further you find verb forms and here awkward questions appear: Why are there so many endings? How many irregular verbs are in Spanish language? “Ser” and “estar” are verb to be, really? Why “ir” turn to “voy”? Are there some tricks I can use to conjugate irregular verbs? How do I learn all verbs? Here you have 3 tips to learn the meaning of Spanish verbs and conjugations of the present tense. I hope this will be useful for you! 🙂

  1. Memorize pair of verbs: It is easier to remember the meaning of Spanish verbs when you establish connection with something. I always encourage my students to memorize opposite pairs of verbs, as in the picture above.
  2. Connect Spanish verb forms: Do you realize that all conjugations of the first person singular (yo) of the present tense end on (o)? If you find connections between terminations you will learn faster. Guarantee!
  3. Remember special verbs: What if you begin with realistic goals? Don’t pretend to memorize all Spanish verbs in one day. We will learn step by step. I always suggest my students to learn the five weirdest Spanish verbs. We usually call them weirdos.  Guess what are they? 😛


  1. Fiorella Davila  - October 27, 2016 - 7:35 am

    Muchas gracias, para mis alumnos serán muy útiles estos consejos.

    • Pepe Ernandez  - April 4, 2017 - 5:36 pm


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