Alicante is a Mediterranean city of the Spanish cost. The population is around 335,000 people. It has an average annual temperature of above 18 C and more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Different civilizations have passed through these lands leaving their mark which can be seen on all corners of this emblematic city. Maybe this is the reason why Alicante’s people are so open and warm.

Sol Weather

Alicante is the city of sun, has less than 37 rainy days and its weather is confortable all year long. The average annual temperature is above 18ºC, lowest temperatures in January: between 17ºC and 6,3ºC, and the highest in Agust: between 30,8ºC and 21,2ºC.

Sol Tourist attractions

  1. Santa Barbara Castle
  2. Rambla Méndez Núñez
  3. Port and Spanish Esplanade
  4. Old Quarter
  5. Santa Cruz Neighborhood
  6. Gabriel Miró Square and San Fernando street
  7. Market
  8. Museum
  9. Beaches
  10. Tabarca island

Sol Nightlife

Another attractive touristic attraction in the city is the dramatic night life that mostly takes place in the old quarter known locally as el Barrio. There is a large array of pubs, restaurants, terraces, and night clubs. There is an ideal place for all ages, preferences, and environments. Take an evening stroll and you will surly find a wide variety of relaxing live music, gastro pubs, and night clubs with electro or rock music open all night.

Sol Gastronomy

Alicante offers delicious cuisine based on rice, salty fish, sea food, and locally grown vegetables. The city offers a traditional dish called paella, which is made with different types of sea food and vegetables. The most well known Paella called El Señoret, is made with hand peeled shrimp and saffron. Other typical dishes include salty fish salads and olives. Some common desserts include home-made ice-cream, horchata, or turron. Turron is often made by mixing almonds, honey, sugar, and egg white.

Sol Cost of living:

Even Alicante is a tourist site, the cost of living is cheaper than other cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. You can find:

  • 1 coffee – 1,10€
  • Beer – 1,50€
  • Breakfast – 2,5€
  • Bread – 0,80€
  • Public transport – 1,45€
  • 1lt. Water – 0,80 €

Sol Activities and holidays

Alicante offers countless activities during the summertime including outdoor concerts, festivals, workshops, and street fairs. The main festival called Las Hogueras de San Juan begins on the 24th of June. The city is decorated with enormous cardboard monuments depleting political and social events that occurred throughout the year. The structures are eventually burned in a giant bonfire in order to celebrate the summer solstice or to welcome in a new summer. The most important statue set up near the Town Hall can be seen from Viva la Lengua School.


Plaza del Ayuntamiento No. 2, 3rd. Floor - 2
03002 Alicante - SPAIN
Phone: (+34) 865 64 46 07

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